Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Les Rallizes Denudes (Otoko no Hadaka Rīzu) - Mi Happyō Ongen [White]

It's been 3 months after the last post, but I wasn't dead nor this blog. I was just went to business trip to NYC, Washington D.C., Seoul, and Tokyo, and making our project band's 1st album. But I got many interesting Japanese 80s albums. Sadly, I can't post regularly just like before, so I'll let you guys choose the next album posting.

So, it's a album by Les Rallizes Denudes. Technically, it's promotional CDr given away with purchases of other CDrs on Cragale. but since most of the tracks are recorded live in 80s. and it was quite good for a giveaway album, I choose to post this. I hope I didn't failed some of guys waited for 70s Drum Break / Funk albums. By the way, I wonder how's Sam doing...

Photo from Flower Travellin' Band's album, Anywhere.