Sunday, 25 September 2016

BGM - Back Ground Music (1980)

I waited nearly 2 years for this album and finally got 2 of them, but NM quality album is still not arrived. (France to S.Korea by ship, maybe take 90 days or so.) so uploaded version is VG quality. I'll upload NM version as soon as arrived.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite Electronic album. Not quite impact as Dada - Jyo (Vanity 0001) to me, but each track in this album has more variety (especially main instruments of each tracks) than Jyo, since that album has main concept : inspired by Gaki Zoshi, and dedicated to Eno according to Discogs.

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Photo by Kiyotaka Saito, 1996. Ryoko Hirosue

Monday, 19 September 2016

EP-4 - Reb-Do (1982)

I was spending nearly 10 hours to find a reason why cassette recording with my old Sony Cassette / CD player suddenly made a static sound in background and tracks sounds like very compressed. It took quite of time to know because this happened right after getting new aux cord, and upgraded OS to Windows 10. After upgrading and downgrading OS like 5 time after, my old Walkman solved the question. Cassette player was the problem.

Anyway, it's the early Abstract genre album from Electric Funk band EP-4. and it's worth the 10 hours of stress for me at least.

Like there's no name of EP-4 in this album, it's quite different than EP-4's later albums. But it made connection and understanding with some of EP-4's tracks like (unit 3) from Case Of Telegraph Product 2.