Leona Hirona/広田玲央名 - Leona (prod. Makoto Yano)


Ken Togo - *Anything*
Haruo Chikada - Heavy
Zettai Reido - *3CD Collection*
Tsugutoshi Goto - Inner Suggestions
Morley "Stoic Edi" Robertson - Stoic

Hetakuso - Serpent Of The Clumsy Chowder
Nishimatsu Kazuhiro - 貿易風物語
Tokiko Kato - Last Dance Party
Toshiyuki Takahashi - *Anything*
Shinkou Houkou (進行方向別通行区分) - *Anything*
Sonhouse - Uchoten
The Roosterz - Neon Boy
Monsieur Kamayatsu - Monsieur / Kamayatsu Hiroshi No Sekai
Shichifukujin - Can't remember what the album's called
Risako Miura - *Anything*
EN'S - *Anything*
Kita Koji & Scar Face  - Flower 
Matasita89 - *Anything*
Seijotai - koi wa sparkin

There used to a live set by Shingo Kubota and Kyoko Togawa on youtube but the account which hosted the videos was deleted for copyright violations. They were marvelous and pretty out-there, a lot better than what Jun was producing at the time (this set was recorded in the late eighties). That's another thing for my wishlist: listen to this again, somehow.

I remember listening to a song by a late eighties or early nineties new wave group –definitely had a Nagomu aesthetic/sound, although I'm 99% sure they weren't a part of that label– which briefly sampled the introduction of 20sekai no owari ni by Hikashu.


  1. Did you ever find New Child - Rehabilual? Would love a download link if you did

    1. I sent a reply on the other website you messaged me on.

  2. Hi Sam, and Japanese synthpop fans 'round here.
    I'm 80'sBoy and have Yukako Hayase's CD "Amino Co De Ji" and LP "Polyester" on this wantlist.
    Just for now, plz take this as a greeting:)
    "Polyester" (my own vinyl rip, VBR)

    1. Thank you. However, this list is very old —I now own all but one of Yukako's albums (the one from 1991). Regardless, please let the link remain so that others can download it.

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