Friday, 8 December 2017

Farmer's Favorite ‎– Rural Work Clothes (New) (1983)

Sorry for late posting, but anyways here the album Rural Work Clothes (New) by Farmer's Favorite. It's from the underground label Skating Pears, but the album/band's style is quite unique than my expectation which Skating Pears label albums had in common. Because of that, I can't surely tell the style of the album (because of my lacking knowledge, and each tracks have different tones.) but, this album is like combination of Junk Jungle Genre's S/T album (Skating Pears; SP-008) and Perfect Product by Fetus Productions (B-Sellers; ISBN4-938198-06-1).

I'm not very into Fetus Productions' Perfect Product and No Wave genre, but the drum is really reminding me of Primitive Community album by Toshiaki Yokota & Primitive Community, which is one of my favorite albums.

*While I'm editing the audio file, there is gap between the tracks, but since album jacket and tracklisting in Discogs are telling only one tracks for each side. And it's hard to hear, but there's some background live noise in those gaps, so I didn't separate the tracks.

And I want to give a shout-out to Costanzo who running such a wonderful blogs like Music x 5 and Various Recorded Detritus for suggesting to post this album. :)

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Unrelated photo; Korean poster from 1964 of À bout de souffle (Breathless; 1960)
(Translation of Korean title is "Do Whatever You Want")

Thursday, 16 November 2017

J.A. Caesar - Subete no Hito Ga Shinde Iku Toki Ni / Kubitsurinoki (1970; Promo 7")

I don't want to make indistinct of uploading 80s Japanese albums in this blog, but somehow you guys wanted Tenjo Sajiki and J.A. Caesar's album more than I thought, I'm going to break the rules for once. (and maybe several times if albums are rare.) So, It's early J.A. Caesar's single album (since Jashumon is released in 1972) in Promo edition.

It's posted as Psychedelic Rock in Discogs, but it seems more like between Psychedelic Rock and Psychedelic Folk, but quite different vibe than Kyokubakan's Namidabashi Elegy. I think this single reflects J.A. Caesar's style, which is not mixed with Tenjo Sajiki nor Tokyo Kid Brothers.

In my opinion, this single album was fallen short of my expectations, but that doesn't mean I hated this album, because I was thinking some crowded, rock-based album but this album has it's charm and good chance to find out J.A. Caesar's style clearly.

And yeah, cover has few inch cut and tape stains, but vinyl is NM ~ NM+, so don't worry about the audio.

And in addition, I have lots of projects going on (Bought portable Reel to Reel recorder and Vinyl Cutting machine for own underground label, and Video8 camcorder for documentary, and taking part in DJ lineups and et cetera...) so I'll post some albums in next week.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

A-Musik ‎– Live At Muon '82.12.26 (1982)

Just like the Les Rallizes Denudes album I previously posted, this album is promotional CDr from Japanese Indie label Cragale. But this album has quite different vibe compare to previous A-Musik tracks, since performers in this album is Tamio Shiraishi and except Kenichi Takeda, other performers seems like they have no close relations with A-Musik. But still, there has some classic A-Musik vibe throughout the tracks, but think as A-Musik mixed with Tamio Shiraishi.

And I bought 地下音楽への招待 (Invitation To The Underground Music) book which packaged with CD by Goda Takeshi and Katō Akira. And found the A-Musik cover of Korean famous song 돌아와요 부산항에 (Please Come Back To Port Busan; 釜山港へ帰れ) by Cho Yong-Pil. As Korean, it is really priceless. Since there's no Youtube video of this album, I'll link that cover track.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Various Artists - Sound Cosmodel (1984)

Just as you can see in Discogs page, this is 50 track compilation / sampler album from Japanese underground label Atelier Peyotl, which only I can guess it has relations with label B-Sellers and EP-4. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there are 50 tracks and not just limited in Japanese artists but other countries artists like Conrad Schnitzler to Mexican New Wave band Size. But since there's 25 tracks per side, many tracks seems cut after 1 minute or so. In my opinion, this album is great to find new artists and their music style, and even maybe useful for DJ Mixes, but since genres and styles of each tracklist order is quite different and it ruins the flow, but I'm not saying this is bad compilation. Included artists are very interesting and it's great album to find a new artist or style.

Tenjo Sajiki / J. A. Seazer - Shintokumaru (1978; Original)

Sorry for late upload folks, frankly it's really busy especially this month. Got some really great opportunities recently, but since that's a work too. But don't worry, I'll keep posting. Anyway, this is the Psychedelic Opera (or Musical) recording album from famous Psychedelic group Tenjo Sajiki with J.A. Seazer (Terahara Takaaki).

Most of my friends didn't like the concept nor the album, but to me it is really something. Something even enlightenment. Maybe I'm exaggerating it, because I knew this album from "Ongaku 70 : Vintage Psychedelia In Japan" when I was just starting collecting records, and this album surely guided me to the classic Japanese and even Korean Psychedelic albums. Since this is live recording album from the opera, half the record are just Japanese dialogues but there has some great moments imo.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Gerogerigegege - Senzuri Champion (1987; Original)

Yeah, it's The Gerogerigegege's famous second album (First vinyl album), spent nearly 500$ on this, but worth it totally. Senzuri Champion album got a quite a different vibe then first one, (since first self titled album was Industrial) but very impressing thing about this album was each tracks got a very own theme, plus the parodied track titles like Southern All Stars' I'm A Panty (Yes I Am) to I'm Herpes, Yes I Am, it's just priceless.

*If you not familiar with the Gero's theme, beware that there are some moaning (?) sound at some track.

And, the vote results was two votes at Tenjo Sajiki's Shintokumaru and Sound Cosmodel album. So I'll upload two of them in this month and other one vote albums in next month.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Les Rallizes Denudes (Otoko no Hadaka Rīzu) - Mi Happyō Ongen [White]

It's been 3 months after the last post, but I wasn't dead nor this blog. I was just went to business trip to NYC, Washington D.C., Seoul, and Tokyo, and making our project band's 1st album. But I got many interesting Japanese 80s albums. Sadly, I can't post regularly just like before, so I'll let you guys choose the next album posting.

So, it's a album by Les Rallizes Denudes. Technically, it's promotional CDr given away with purchases of other CDrs on Cragale. but since most of the tracks are recorded live in 80s. and it was quite good for a giveaway album, I choose to post this. I hope I didn't failed some of guys waited for 70s Drum Break / Funk albums. By the way, I wonder how's Sam doing...

Photo from Flower Travellin' Band's album, Anywhere.