Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Les Rallizes Denudes (Otoko no Hadaka Rīzu) - Mi Happyō Ongen [White]

It's been 3 months after the last post, but I wasn't dead nor this blog. I was just went to business trip to NYC, Washington D.C., Seoul, and Tokyo, and making our project band's 1st album. But I got many interesting Japanese 80s albums. Sadly, I can't post regularly just like before, so I'll let you guys choose the next album posting.

So, it's a album by Les Rallizes Denudes. Technically, it's promotional CDr given away with purchases of other CDrs on Cragale. but since most of the tracks are recorded live in 80s. and it was quite good for a giveaway album, I choose to post this. I hope I didn't failed some of guys waited for 70s Drum Break / Funk albums. By the way, I wonder how's Sam doing...

Photo from Flower Travellin' Band's album, Anywhere. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

BGM - Back Ground Music (1980)

I waited nearly 2 years for this album and finally got 2 of them, but NM quality album is still not arrived. (France to S.Korea by ship, maybe take 90 days or so.) so uploaded version is VG quality. I'll upload NM version as soon as arrived.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite Electronic album. Not quite impact as Dada - Jyo (Vanity 0001) to me, but each track in this album has more variety (especially main instruments of each tracks) than Jyo, since that album has main concept : inspired by Gaki Zoshi, and dedicated to Eno according to Discogs.

And plus, I bought a 30 pack of vinyl albums from Japanese acquaintance. It's mostly Soul / Funk, Drum Break and some of are 70s albums but since some albums are bit rare ones, if Sam and you guys are fine with that, I'll try posting. If I can't, I'll just stick to the Experimental 80s records. lel

Random Photo
Photo by Kiyotaka Saito, 1996. Ryoko Hirosue

Monday, 19 September 2016

EP-4 - Reb-Do (1982)

I was spending nearly 10 hours to find a reason why cassette recording with my old Sony Cassette / CD player suddenly made a static sound in background and tracks sounds like very compressed. It took quite of time to know because this happened right after getting new aux cord, and upgraded OS to Windows 10. After upgrading and downgrading OS like 5 time after, my old Walkman solved the question. Cassette player was the problem.

Anyway, it's the early Abstract genre album from Electric Funk band EP-4. and it's worth the 10 hours of stress for me at least.

Like there's no name of EP-4 in this album, it's quite different than EP-4's later albums. But it made connection and understanding with some of EP-4's tracks like (unit 3) from Case Of Telegraph Product 2.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Various Artists - Baa! Hakata, Another Beat (1984)

I love the band The Goonzees (or Goónzees) since I heard their self titled album, but Show Kai Volume One (Fanzine with Cassettes) was disappointing, I liked other artist's track and The Goonzees one as well, but it doesn't have obscurity which this album and self titled album has.

Besides The Goonzees, other artist's track was great too, for me especially Cue's tracks. Ten-No's track was also great, it was reminding me Tetsuo The Iron Man film. lol

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The Goonzees

Noise - Tenno (1980)

I was wonder why Reiko Kudo's Fire Inside My Hat album is quite rare than other Org Record's albums since looking some albums released by Org, but this album made by one of her group "Noise" answered that question.

And of course, earlier Org Records albums are mostly limited.

Anyway, genre of this album is Experimental / Noise according to Discogs and my ear, but in my opinion I think this album have different vibe than other common Noise genre albums but very emotional as well, because of Tori Kudo's Organ and Reiko Kudo's Vocals.

If you liked it, buy original ALM Records version (or Org Records reissue) while it's cheap for a one of ALM's interesting albums.

And for addition, INU - Ushiwakamaru Name Tottarado Tsuitaru Zo! (aka live album), BGM - Back Ground Music and J.A. Seazer's - Den'en Ni Shisu album is coming soon, it's all original version except postal service is very slow.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Gerogerigegege - S/T (1985)

Before talking about the album, I want to talk this first.

I bought a The Gerogerigege's first self titled album, but I'm not sure is this a other unofficial copy release, or genuine one. The cassette cover (right one is which I got and left one is which I made a long times ago.) looks very unofficial, it's even looks faker than my self made version.

And it includes two inserts, but right side was little bit cut in one character with hair insert, and in the Discogs release page, it wasn't.

But about the cassette, cassette in Discogs picture is TDK AE30, so I thought mine was unofficial one, but photo in Yahoo Japan Auction site, used cassette was same. Not exactly, the Auction photo was Sony HF46 (and cover art was printed in red), and mine is Sony HF30.

I heard ZSF Produkt used C30 tapes and because of that, few second of the last track was being cut, and Sony HF30 tapes was on used in 80s. It's quite confusing, but whether it's unofficial or not (at least the cassette) I'm quite satisfied about just got the album at low price and quality if it's well made unofficial.

Anyway, as many Noise fans and Gero fans already knew, it was released by Masami Akita's (aka Merzbow) label ZSF Produkt. I don't know because released label was ZSF or it was Gerogerigegege's first album, but it style is bit different than Gero's later albums. But that doesn't mean I don't like it.

There are no masturbating sound or moaning sounds, there was Juntaro's screaming in background some track but it's mostly Industrial Noise, and that caused my Gero loving years ago. They are mostly focused on Noise genre, but each noise albums (not including Sexual Behavior Of Human Male or Endless Humiliation kind of albums) has a different approach/feeling. For example, Tokyo Anal Dynamite or Piano River.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Various Artists - Toshi Tsushin (1980)

One of the great new wave compilation album, only flaw in my opinion is packaging. Which is very annoying.

It's similar to Aburadako's "Blue Jacket" album, but at least that came with two hard paper with fitting outer cover. But this came with one normal green paper in stamped outer plastic cover which is large to use other normal plastic cover to protect stamp mark.

I don't have anything to say because lack of information unless it's decent compilation album. :(