Monday, 25 June 2018

Jun & Syuku (Pearl Sisters) - Nima · Wakareta Ano Hito / Ai No Tabibito (Promo; 1973)

Kind of remembering the Korean War (6.25), this album will be one of peculiar albums I post here.

there are many Korean folk albums only released in Japan because of the censorship of the Park Jung Hee regime, and many heavily political themed albums like 그날이 온다 (The Day Is Coming; manufactured by Kojima Recordings Inc.) and apart from political reasons, there are many Korean songs in Japanese and vice versa in 70 ~ 80s because popularity of Korean 70s Psychedelic musics and 80s Japanese Electronic Disco musics. (Amusingly, A-Musik covered Nilririya and Come Back To Port Busan)

Anyway, this single by Jun & Syuku (준과 숙; Pearl Sisters in Korea) is including one of the Shin Joong Hyun's popular track Nima (님아; Oh Dear) sung in Japanese despite Jun & Syuku's most tracks in Japanese albums are popular Japanese songs. I don't know very much about the background of this album, but this version of Nima track is very different than Korean ones (Yeah, there are lots of different version), quite fast paced than original version and arrangement of guitar and wind instruments are shine brilliantly.

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Me showing off some albums in Documentary "Retro : Dusting Off The Old Times".

Plus : I got a time off from work for 3 months, and for celebrating the "try to save money for changing my stereo", the big one is coming... some of you guys might hate spoilers, but it's original copy of John Duncan's Pleasure Escape, I'll try to post more frequently from now.


  1. No relation to the Pearl Brothers of Japan, I presume?

    1. Yeah, maybe that's one of the reasons of naming Pearl Sisters as Jun & Syuku in Japanese releases to avoid confusion.