Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Sally May - Hibotan Iwa To · Kinpatsu Enka (1969)

Here's the Sally May (or Mae)'s Kinpatsu Enka, first I saw and got interested by this album was from blog DRILLPOP. While getting inspiration from Japanese / Indian / Korean pinups, Vinyl jacket and I saw this album and like "Wait, I need to buy that album" and bought it last year I guess.

Since I don't know about this album nor the singer Sally May, but according to some vinyl sellers, Sally May (half Caucasian/half Japanese) is better know as a Nikkatsu porn actress and concurrent to Kumi Taguchi in the early 70’s, but in 1963 she was scouted out by the lead singer of the Five Suns band and stated out singing occasionally with the band The Sharp Hawks.

Soon hereafter she debuted as a singer for commercial ads. And Kinpatsu Enka was a quite a hit in Japan in that time. And really, I heard some other Enka albums but sure Sally May's voice made this album unique than other Enka albums. Bought for album jacket, found a unforgettable gem.

(Information from : Japan'archives Mailorder · Tiliqua Records)

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