Monday, 11 March 2019

John Duncan - Pleasure Escape (1985)

Sorry for late update, I got lots of things going on- including changing my computer and stereo set etc...

Anyway, here's the infamous John Duncan's Pleasure Escape album. I was kinda hooked right after first I listened, because not the John's "performance art" recorded in this album, but how he make a theme/story in a track which just sounds like sleeping with a recording device. And the second track : "Move Forward, Film Soundtrack" was also great, reminding me of the track "Broken Promise" which included John's album Organic but more intense.

But, for someone trying to buy this album, I really recommend to buy the one with the insert book. like other albums released on B-Sellers, this one also have a small book with it, and it's quite interesting to watch. (Photos, interviews, writings...)

Again, this album doesn't contain explicit content but a theme is. For someone doesn't familiar with this album or John Duncan I recommend to searching about this album first.

Next, I'll be back with a Japanese private press albums! right after sort my new computer out...