Thursday, 29 March 2018

Toshiaki Tsushima - Battles Without Honor and Humanity Collection Soundtrack (1975)

Before listening this album, there's something I need to say. The official Japanese title is Jinginakitatakai sōshūhen (Saundo Torakku-ban) which means it's soundtrack collection from famous Yakuza movie pentalogy : Battles Without Honor and Humanity. But the tracks and album is more like summary of the story, most part is dialogue from the movie scenes and original score or musical tracks are quite mostly repeated.

And of course, there's soundtrack of this album released by Vap in 1995, and I'm totally into this series' soundtracks but, since the album contains 43 tracks... I think posting that is bit overkill for theme of this blog.

So back to the topic, this album is "soundtrack" collection of Battles Without Honor and Humanity pentalogy, and I liked this movie quite a lot. Since watching glamorized Korean gangster movies (I live in Korea and because of mainstream hype, I can't escape from it) so, the movie starts from 1946 in Hiroshima and showing of the starting of Yakuza family and desperation of the characters was quite fresh to me to watch.

I'm really glad I bought this album after watching the pentalogy, this album was in my wantlist since I was just collecting Japanese albums.

So, I can't explain more about this album, but sure thing is: watching a movie before listening this album will help a lot. Unless you can speak Japanese.

P.S. Sally May album is coming soon :)

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