I created this page for any questions which are unrelated to the albums in my posts, just leave a comment here.
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  1. I just DLed everything on your blog. So good. I will be following you!

  2. love what you're doing! is there any chance for a reupload of the Real Fish albums from your previous blog? i'd be extremely grateful!

  3. Hey

    I am Piotr from Poland. I really like Japanese music - new wave, syntpop etc. from the 80s.
    Unfortunately, hard to get some recordings. Therefore, I have a request. Could you refresh a link to an album Lizard - Gymnopedia ?
    Do you have the first two albums the group Earthling?
    You can help?


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  5. Do you know if a good rip of Real Fish’s A Very Big Band in Heaven exists? I’ve found downloads from five different places and each one is the same bad vinyl rip with no low-end. That wasn’t the actual CD version, was it?

    Nice blog btw, my to-download list is going to be destroyed.

  6. Re: Masumi Hara - Singles & Collections


    I'm a long time follower of this amazing blog - a true bounty of incredible Japanese rarities!

    I'm getting in touch as I was recently listening again to Masumi Hara's 'Imagination Exchange' and realising that it and 'Yume No 4 Bai' are two of my favourite Japanese records - I wondered whether you might have anything by Hara and then I found a blog entry on your old blog for a Singles Collection -

    Sadly all the links to this record are now broken or defunct - I hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering if you could possibly reinstate them? I'd really love to hear this collection - it looks like a great comp with some tasty rarities for good measure.

    Hope to hear from you and keep the music coming - it's very much appreciated!



  7. Hi, I'm Stefan from Bucharest, Romania

    First of all, I must congratulate you from your sensational music blogs.

    I have a great asking:

    Can you repost somewhere or send me the links for:

    My email address is:

    Many thanks in advance !

    All the best,