Thursday, 16 November 2017

J.A. Caesar - Subete no Hito Ga Shinde Iku Toki Ni / Kubitsurinoki (1970; Promo 7")

I don't want to make indistinct of uploading 80s Japanese albums in this blog, but somehow you guys wanted Tenjo Sajiki and J.A. Caesar's album more than I thought, I'm going to break the rules for once. (and maybe several times if albums are rare.) So, It's early J.A. Caesar's single album (since Jashumon is released in 1972) in Promo edition.

It's posted as Psychedelic Rock in Discogs, but it seems more like between Psychedelic Rock and Psychedelic Folk, but quite different vibe than Kyokubakan's Namidabashi Elegy. I think this single reflects J.A. Caesar's style, which is not mixed with Tenjo Sajiki nor Tokyo Kid Brothers.

In my opinion, this single album was fallen short of my expectations, but that doesn't mean I hated this album, because I was thinking some crowded, rock-based album but this album has it's charm and good chance to find out J.A. Caesar's style clearly.

And yeah, cover has few inch cut and tape stains, but vinyl is NM ~ NM+, so don't worry about the audio.

And in addition, I have lots of projects going on (Bought portable Reel to Reel recorder and Vinyl Cutting machine for own underground label, and Video8 camcorder for documentary, and taking part in DJ lineups and et cetera...) so I'll post some albums in next week.

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