Monday, 22 August 2016

Various Artists - Baa! Hakata, Another Beat (1984)

I love the band The Goonzees (or Goónzees) since I heard their self titled album, but Show Kai Volume One (Fanzine with Cassettes) was disappointing, I liked other artist's track and The Goonzees one as well, but it doesn't have obscurity which this album and self titled album has.

Besides The Goonzees, other artist's track was great too, for me especially Cue's tracks. Ten-No's track was also great, it was reminding me Tetsuo The Iron Man film. lol

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The Goonzees

Noise - Tenno (1980)

I was wonder why Reiko Kudo's Fire Inside My Hat album is quite rare than other Org Record's albums since looking some albums released by Org, but this album made by one of her group "Noise" answered that question.

And of course, earlier Org Records albums are mostly limited.

Anyway, genre of this album is Experimental / Noise according to Discogs and my ear, but in my opinion I think this album have different vibe than other common Noise genre albums but very emotional as well, because of Tori Kudo's Organ and Reiko Kudo's Vocals.

If you liked it, buy original ALM Records version (or Org Records reissue) while it's cheap for a one of ALM's interesting albums.

And for addition, INU - Ushiwakamaru Name Tottarado Tsuitaru Zo! (aka live album), BGM - Back Ground Music and J.A. Seazer's - Den'en Ni Shisu album is coming soon, it's all original version except postal service is very slow.

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