Sunday, 30 April 2017

Various Artists - Sound Cosmodel (1984)

Just as you can see in Discogs page, this is 50 track compilation / sampler album from Japanese underground label Atelier Peyotl, which only I can guess it has relations with label B-Sellers and EP-4. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there are 50 tracks and not just limited in Japanese artists but other countries artists like Conrad Schnitzler to Mexican New Wave band Size. But since there's 25 tracks per side, many tracks seems cut after 1 minute or so. In my opinion, this album is great to find new artists and their music style, and even maybe useful for DJ Mixes, but since genres and styles of each tracklist order is quite different and it ruins the flow, but I'm not saying this is bad compilation. Included artists are very interesting and it's great album to find a new artist or style.

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