Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mio Fou - Mio Fou (1984)

Mio Fou are a musical duo consisting of violinist Mio Hirono and Hirofumi Suzuki. These two were/are in some of my favourite bands: Moonriders, Shi-Shonen, Real Fish and have been involved with many other artists I enjoy.
Highly recommended. This is the 25th Anniversary Edition and features seven bonus tracks.
Tracks nine and ten are originally from the album 'Bright Young Aquarium Workers'; a synthpop record which includes the efforts of five artists, each having one song on either side.
Tracks eleven to fifteen were all recorded during the years 2006 through 2009.


  1. hey, cool! voodoo here from voodoovault. glad to see some bloggers coming back to life. i just scored this album a couple months ago, though it was the metrotron pressing from '94, so no bonus tracks. very cool. highly recommended!

    1. Have you got Mio Fou 2/3? They're a low priority for me so I tend to spend my money on other things but it'd be great if you do have them, although your post implies you probably don't.
      lel, I'm supposed to be "coming back to life" but I haven't posted anything for 15 days. Admittedly, my internet connection meant I couldn't for 10 of those, and now I'm actually starting to teach myself Japanese, so I've been slacking on other things a bit. You should give it a go if you have the time.
      You posted on your blog that you work 10-12 hour shifts so you probably don't have time to learn a new language, but even just Kana might come in useful for (re)searching and what have you. You probably already know a dozen or so just by surrounding yourself with Japanese music so often.
      I'll probably post that Cock C'nell album I wrote about on JPS by the end of the week.
      It was actually released on Cock C'nell's own record label: Cock C'nell. I didn't know they had one until I stumbled upon that album by per chance.

    2. Do you still need Mio Fou 2/3?

  2. that's a negative on mio fou 2/3. to be honest i hadn't heard of the group before, and didn't know who was in it until i got it. i had been looking for a few other specific metrotron releases and i saw that pop up for 100 yen so i figured what the hell. was very surprised to learn about them when i got it. i would love to learn japanese. god would i love to. but yeah, time is of the essence and i've got more than enough stuff to keep my occupied at the moment. i'm pretty good at digging through stuff on the net and placing orders.. but i definitely have my limitations (like when someone from a shop tries to email me something about my order... ugh.)