Thursday, 8 January 2015

Motoharu Sano - Real Na Genjitsu Honki No Genjitsu (Short Edited Version) / Dovanna (1985)

The chances are, if you are interested in Japanese music, you probably know who Motoharu Sano is already; a pop mastermind who dabbled in all sorts of genres: soul, rock, blues, synthpop, and was also one of the first popular artists to introduce hip-hop to Japan with the album Visitors (1984).
This particular single seems to get somewhat overlooked as it was never released on an album, yet it remains my absolute favourite song of his. There are several versions of this song: I own a physical copy of the 'Short Edited Version' {075H-252}, but there is a slightly longer variant on the 'Moto Singles 1980 - 89' compilation; the full version is almost 9 minutes long.
Both sides are poetry/spoken word over a technopop beat. Motoharu released a fair amount of songs similar to this although I'm yet to hear them in their entirety (you can listen to samples on Moto's website: That page advertises his spoken word collection but a more recent edition can be found here: Amazon

This is a vinyl rip, so the quality is far from impeccable.

Since I wrote this post I've purchased the tape cassette Electric Garden by Motoharu Sano. This cassette tape includes the 9 minute version of Riaru na Genjitsu Honki no Genjitsu, Dovanna, and five other synthpop/poetry songs. I've also purchased a new record player and miscellaneous equipment, meaning the audio quality of this particular vinyl rip does not compare with those in later posts.

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